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Software Freedom Day, Copenhagen

Posted in opensuse, sslug by mschlander on 16/09/2007

As it has become tradition SSLUG and our partners DKUUG (who sponsored t-shirts, balloons and helium) and Linuxforum, hit the streets of Copenhagen for the annual international Software Freedom Day yesterday to raise awareness of free software.

We were some 15 people deep and we had plenty fun as we handed out 500+ flyers, 200+ openSUSE promo DVDs, 125 Ubuntu CDs, of course we spoke with many hundred people between us. 600-700 little children received Software Freedom Day balloons which they carried proudly all over town.

It was also nice that representatives of PROSA (trade union for IT-professionals) member magazine came by to take some pictures – it will be nice if they write about the event in the member magazine received by some 13.000 IT-professionals.


A large Danish ISP conveniently and coincidentally provided a nice backdrop for our activity – a huge billboard with the text: “Set your computer free”.


Thanks to everyone who helped planning and carrying out the event – and thanks to the people at for making it all possible. Thanks to Rolf Larsen for providing the pictures.


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  2. Alper Celik said, on 23/09/2008 at 20:23

    Cool event…
    we did almost the same :))

  3. Roger Sinel said, on 27/09/2009 at 15:37

    Software Freedom Day 2009 – Stockholm

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