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opensuse-xgl-settings and konvenientSUSE

Posted in opensuse by mschlander on 09/10/2007

opensuse-xgl-settings is now released for openSUSE 10.3. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s just a very crude Kommander-script for KDE users that automates the steps required to enable Xgl+Compiz, selecting which compiz plugins to load, install and enable Compiz Fusion, disable Xgl and such, in a graphical way.

I don’t exactly recommend Xgl/Compiz for daily use – but if you want to check it out it should be easy with opensuse-xgl-settings.

konvenientSUSE is another Kommander-script that I have done for openSUSE 10.1 and 10.2. It will not be updated for 10.3 since it’s obsoleted by some new YaST modules – namely Community Repositories and One-click-install.


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  1. Travis said, on 11/10/2007 at 3:02

    I think this is a great little app you have written. I was having trouble enabling XGL in 10.3 — I do not know why exactly. Your script did the trick beautifully. The only function which I desire but I can’t get to “take” ( turn ‘on’ ) is wobbly windows. I am not sure why it won’t activate. I always try to support you guys with PayPal – do you accept this? Thanks, Travis . . . firefighter (at) graffiti (dot) net

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