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Oxygen for YaST2 II

Posted in opensuse by mschlander on 18/02/2008

Two weeks ago I announced that I had selected a bunch of Oxygen icons to replace the Tango icons used in YaST2 by default on openSUSE 10.3, and thus make YaST2 look better and integrate better with KDE4.x.

I must have struck a nerve, because a lot of things started happening fast.

Someone took similar steps to have Oxygen artwork in SaX2 (SuSE advanced X11 configuration).

Marco [daemon] Michna decided to write a themeselector module for YaST2 during Novell Hackweek II, which was last week.

Martin Lasarsch packaged version 0.1 of yast2-theme-oxygen, to work nicely with the themeselector.

Gpant started working on his own theme and in the process creating some great icons, which also fit nicely in my theme.

Today I announce version 0.2 of yast2-theme-oxygen. It’s now more polished, it’s available as an easy and clean to install RPM, using 1-click install, you can now easily switch between the Tango theme and Oxygen using the themeselector module. It’s more enjoyable all around.

Oxygen for YaST2 II

Thanks a lot to all involved.


2 Responses

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  1. fm said, on 18/02/2008 at 22:21

    This looks great. Thank you.

  2. M9 said, on 21/02/2008 at 10:35

    Looks very good.

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