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Farewell KDE3 and hello KDE4

Posted in kde, opensuse by mschlander on 05/08/2008

After checking out KDE 4.x at arms length for months, I had decided that I would try out 4.1.0 fulltime on my “production” machine for at least a week, when it was officially released.

After a slightly frustrating first few days configuring everything and figuring out how to get around all the quirks, I seem to have gotten everything set up more or less to my liking. So now that the week has passed it looks like I’ll be staying on KDE4 from now on.

I still don’t find it quite as pleasurable as KDE3, and I have to keep recommending KDE3 to demanding users and non-geeks for now. But it looks like a truly enjoyable KDE 4.1.x desktop on openSUSE 11.1 this December is possible. Now that I’m using it full time I can better provide feedback to the packagers, help out new users, and eat my own dog food in terms of translations.


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