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More love for KDE:UpdatedApps

Posted in opensuse by mschlander on 14/04/2011

The KDE:UpdatedApps repository for openSUSE (formerly known as KDE:Backports), hasn’t been getting the love it deserves as of late. This repo lets you easily and safely update many KDE applications without needing to do unofficial upgrades of your base libraries or base desktop environment, with the risks and annoyances this involves.

After I had been complaining loudly about the state of things for a while, I ended up being given permissions to the repository on the openSUSE BuildService to shut me up, and I’ll attempt to do the janitorial work needed from now on – which basically just means linking relevant package revisions from KDE:Distro:Factory.

Today I’ve added the following updates (at least for 11.4, not all packages build for 11.3 and 11.2):

  • bluedevil 1.0.3
  • rekonq 0.7
  • scribus 1.4rc3
  • plasmoid-cwp 1.5.2
  • kvirc 4.0.4
  • kradio 4.0.2
  • krename 4.0.7
  • kst 2.0.2

The repository already has many other important updated packages of course , e.g. digikam/kipi plugins 1.9.0, oxygen-gtk 1.0.3. To add the KDE:UpdatedApps repository you can use e.g.:

# zypper addrepo -f kua

If you don’t know how to perform vendor change updates, see the wiki article.


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