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openSUSE 12.1 released

Posted in opensuse by mschlander on 16/11/2011

You can read about all the goodies in the product highlights and download it.

As always there are some pain points you should be aware of too:

  • KDEPIM (Kontact, KMail, KOrganizer etc.) of KDE SC 4.7 is now fully ported to using Akonadi and you should expect some problems and probably do some testing before you upgrade/migrate your production machines.
  • Touchpad tapping is disabled by default. To enable it, make sure synaptiks is installed and go to systemsettings => Input Devices => Touchpad and enable tapping.
  • The new default init system systemd might cause you some grief.
  • Sun/Oracle Java is no longer included in the distro because of a license change. If OpenJDK is not working for you, you’ll have to get Oracle Java from is mostly updated for 12.1, the missing parts will be added/updated soon.

Join us and help make sure openSUSE 12.2 is even better than 12.1 when it’s released 8 months from now (July 2012)!


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  1. k said, on 20/11/2011 at 9:50

    All this goodies in reality are just crashing the user experience. All speed and elegance of the Linux desktop are gone. Now just because of those clumsy Aconady + Nepomuk + Strigi at least 50% of the hardware potential is useless lost
    KMail with the new SuSE 12.1 get so slow and buggy that is hardly useful for any professional work.
    Now the KDE desktop works like Windows – the system has his own life – bload, slow and inresponcive, the HDD is always running, Konqueror crashes frequently….

  2. albertop78 said, on 22/11/2011 at 5:58

    All the services you mentioned can be disabled in a few clicks.

    • mschlander said, on 22/11/2011 at 17:47

      Strigi is actually disabled by default on openSUSE

  3. Arvenil said, on 29/11/2011 at 19:08

    You can’t disable akonadi if you use kmail

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