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Open Source Days 2013

Posted in opensuse, sslug by mschlander on 16/03/2013

Last weekend was the annual Open Source Days Conference in Copenhagen. It was another very nice event, everything was very smooth (no power outage for several hours in the entire part of town like last year), so my compliments to the organizers.

We had some fun at the SSLUG booth:


And I even managed to see a few more talks this year than I usually do.



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  1. Donald said, on 09/07/2013 at 16:20

    Hey Schlander! I am glad that the conference was so smooth. It was not so easy for my friends to get it up and running, I can say there were a lot of problems! But they managed. And I would like to give them credit in an image report from the event. Actually I have pictures from outside, from the hall, from two lectures but none like the above from the big auditorium with many people inside.

    And I miss pictures from the Open Data track.

    I could use the picture from the auditorium for the magazine DK-uug NYT which is due soon. I got some pictures, but none of them shows an almost full auditorium (and no one with a piano! 🙂 ) May I use the image above? I will come back here and I will have a look. In case you need an email address I also send an email (but it should be registered on my WordPress account, too).

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