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My Jolla tablet

Posted in Jolla, opensuse by mschlander on 17/03/2016

You may have heard about the crowdfunded Jolla tablet, sporting the very cool proper GNU/Linux based SailfishOS, and also that things went a little sour because of an unfortunate set of circumstances, meaning most tablets will never be shipped (I got my e-mail regarding a refund a couple of days ago).

However by an uncharacteristic stroke of good luck one of the few Jolla tablets that has indeed been shipped, has come into my possession via the second hand market – and at a very reasonable price too. Thanks a lot to the altruistic Jolla supporter who was one of the first to pledge for the crowdfunding, and who sold it on to me after only a few days of ownership. It’s the 64 GB version including the quite elegant LastuCase of real leather and wood, which doubles as a stand.


Since the Jolla tablet isn’t widely available, there’s not much point in giving a lengthy review, so I’ll keep it short. The packaging is very slick and smooth. The tablet casing is plastic, but the build quality feels quite solid nevertheless. The display is very crisp and beautiful. At 7,85″ and 384 grams the physical dimensions are perfectly balanced. I can hold it in one hand quite some time before getting tired.

SailfishOS performs extremely well on this tablet. I had been wondering if the excellent gesture based UI which encourages one-handed usage would work as well on a tablet as it does on the phone. But it most definitely does – anything is only a flick of the finger away.

Of course not everything is perfect, the default web browser is a bit more crashy than it is on the phone, and far from all the native SailfishOS apps have been ported to the Intel based tablet – understandably so given the number of tablets in circulation and of course you can run most Android apps via the Android runtime. Another ill side-effect of the tablet is that it is so great that it makes the Jolla phone feel a little slow and crammed in comparison.

Speaking of the phone, it’s been well over two years since I bought and I still couldn’t be happier with it. Luckily more SailfishOS devices are to be expected very soon like the Intex Aqua Fish and Turing Phone. And Fairphone 2 and Mi-Fone also on the horizon.

Hopefully for the rest of you, another SailfishOS tablet will also become available fairly soon.


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