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The World Envies India – New SailfishOS Phone

Posted in Jolla, opensuse by mschlander on 20/07/2016

Intex Aqua Fish

A few days ago the Intex Aqua Fish became publicly available. This is the first 3rd party phone officially running SailfishOS from Jolla.

Unfortunately the phone is only for sale in India currently, for the price of 5.499 rupees (roughly 80 (eighty) USD!). If you are in India you can get it from one of these outlets:

I’m told that build quality and camera are pretty decent, especially considering the price. The performance is very good, as you would expect, SailfishOS 2.0 is running very smooth even on the Jolla Phone which has much lower specs than the Intex Aqua Fish.


SailfishOS stands out because of:

  • Very elegant and efficient swipe based UI great for one-handed use
  • Long battery life
  • The Android runtime letting you run most Anodroid apps
  • Real multitasking
  • Proper GNU/Linux system underneath including use of SUSE technologies like libzypp, zypper and Open Build Service.
  • It’s based in Finland and started by ex-Nokia people.

Other options

Recently Jolla sold a few hundred identical phones aimed at the developer community, but they sold out in a matter of hours. So for the time being the rest of us not in India, are left jealously waiting for the Turing Phone to become widely available or for Fairphone to officially offer Sailfish as an option. Or hoping for Intex to start offering the phone globally, or for some other entrepreneurial people to start exporting it.


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  2. Louis Tim Larsen said, on 12/08/2016 at 16:30

    You can find it here with worldwide shipping:

    You’ll need to pay import taxes and strip off a much of crapware – like activation sms, indian spofiy wannabie app, default installed Android apps and also the Play Store if you don’t prefer these.

    Also the Jolla C (aka. Intex Aquafish) is not that faster than the Jolla 1 speed wise unless you run many apps at once:

    And the Jolla Tablet still preforms better than the Jolla C/Aquafish:

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