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SailfishOS on Sony Xperia X

Posted in Jolla, opensuse by mschlander on 12/10/2017

SailfishOS should need no introduction, but just in case someone doesn’t know about it, it’s the successor of MeeGo developed by Nokia and Intel so to speak, i.e. it’s a proper GNU/Linux system, with a cool and efficient swipe based interface built on Qt, it uses a few SUSE technologies such as libzypp and Open Build Service and it sports an Android runtime, that lets you run most Android apps. In short: SailfishOS is made of awesome.

Until now SailfishOS has only been available on sub-par hardware, and sometimes devices haven’t really been available for purchase at all. But since yesterday you can buy a SailfishOS image for the Sony Xperia X (single SIM model, F5121).

I installed it yesterday and so far it’s an amazing experience to run SailfishOS on pretty decent hardware, and the standby battery time appears to be through the roof.


The instructions for unlocking the bootloader and installing SailfishOS are a bit lengthy and technical and for the time being it requires access to a Microsoft Windows PC, but I managed without much hassle, and so can you!

UPDATE: Official installation instructions for Linux were published now.

In other news the Librem 5 crowdfunding reached it’s minimum goal, so overall it’s been a great couple of days for GNU/Linux on mobile devices.


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