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Four great technological advances

Posted in Jolla, kde, opensuse, software_freedom by mschlander on 15/08/2014

#1: openSUSE Factory Rolling Release Distribution

Over the course of the last several months a lot of changes were made to the development process for openSUSE Factory. Meaning it’s no longer a highly experimental testing dump, but it’s now a viable rolling release distribution in its own right. You can read all about the details here. I installed openSUSE Factory in a virtual machine yesterday and it seems to run pretty great. Of course to really judge a rolling release distribution you need to run it for a sustained period of time.

No rolling release distribution will ever be my preferred day-to-day operating system, but nevertheless I’m pretty excited about the “new” openSUSE Factory. I think the changes will enable version whores and bleeding edge explorers to finally have a truly symbiotic relationship with the users who value productivity and predictability in their PC operating system.


#2: KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5

Since I was already testing openSUSE Factory it was a great opportunity to finally get my feet wet with the new KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt5 based KDE Plasma 5 workspace, initially released about a month ago. Obviously it’s still lacking some features and polish, but it’s already usable for forgiving users who know what they’re doing and showing great promise.


#3: 4G on the Jolla

My provider enabled 4G on my subscription and offered to send me a new SIM Card gratis. So now my Jolla is sporting 4G. Unfortunately it only took about 5-10 minutes of speed testing (peaking at 12 MB/s, averaging about 10 MB/s) to use all my available bandwidth for the month, so for the rest of August I’ve been speed dropped to 64 Kbps, but hey, it’s still 4G!


#4: Richard Stallman presenting with a slideshow

Who’d have ever thought they’d see the day that Stallman would do a presentation with accompanying slides? Well it happened, and I think this great use of slides helps him communicate more effectively. Watch the video and judge for yourselves (27 MB, 13 minutes).



30 years of GNU

Posted in opensuse, software_freedom by mschlander on 29/09/2013

This Friday 27 September marked the 30th anniversary of the original announcement of the GNU project by Richard Stallman. With the aim to create a free (Unix) operating system, which eventually lead to the GNU/Linux system many of us use today.

For the occasion Stallman has written an article on why free software is more important than ever before.

Congratulations, and thank you, GNU!

Stallman speaks in Copenhagen

Posted in opensuse, software_freedom by mschlander on 26/04/2013

This week the founder of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman (RMS) gave two presentations at the Technical University of Denmark. The events were organized by KLID.

On Wednesday the topic was Copyright vs. Community. Discussing the history of copyright, how it is being extended and (mis)used, and how Richard Stallman proposes to reform copyright.

On Thursday night the topic was A Free Digital Society. Covering a wide range of topics including privacy, censorship, electronic voting, software freedom, DRM and streaming services, software patents, services as a software substitution and also the EU Unitary Patent.

Here is Stallman auctioning off a plush GNU at the end of the talk. My apologies for the poor photo.


As always it was a very interesting and entertaining experience. Video recordings were made and should be up on the KLID website before too long. If you can’t wait, you can download other audio and video recordings of Stallman’s speeches here:

Stallman also gave away stickers and sold various other items for the support of the FSF.